New Year’s Eve 2015

Here it is January 2 and I’m only just getting to my New Year’s Eve recap. Wow, that must have been some party.

No. I hung up my New Year’s Eve party shoes years ago. It was a quiet but lovely evening. Yesterday I was in a decluttering frame of mind – I’m moving soon.

Here are some pictures from the day and night that was New Year’s Eve 2015.


I got to hang out with the invisible boy at Rose Bay beach. Lucky he was wearing his glasses!


View of the 9pm fireworks from Rose Bay


View from the TV at midnight. 


Real life 9pm Vs TV at midnight.


Thanks for the New Year cake Aunt Mary!


Beautiful Rose Bay during the day


Normally I’m a bit of a fireworks cynic. You know, that the money should be spent on something more useful and important.

But it is important to celebrate together as a city, to say we’ve made it to the end of another year.

We could say that fireworks are a contribution to this city’s sense of community,  celebration and culture. Fireworks, fleeting by nature, are part of the joy of life. Also, tourism dollars.

Apparently this year, the Sydney fireworks were meant to be “the best ones ever!” and I have to say that as Mum and I watched it all on TV, I did notice they were even more spectacular.

And Sydney does it better than any other city  – it’s the harbour, the cityscape, the attitude. Sorry Canberra.

Happy New Year to you! May 2016 be all that you want it to be.



New Year’s Realisations

Happy New Year!

Before I post about new beginnings, resolutions and all that jazz, I would just like to briefly recount my New Year’s Eve.

Spider Boy and I had just returned from Canberra and we were both pretty tired. My offer for us to walk to the end of the street to see the 9pm fireworks, was met with a “No thanks, I don’t like crowds, and I heard on the radio there’s going to be over a million people.” Well, not in our neck of the harbour, but I was just as happy not to go anywhere.

So we settled in for an evening of fireworks and mild (very mild) entertainment on the ABC. Spider Boy was mildly amused to see Jimmy Giggle from Giggle and Hoot as one of the presenters.

After one lot of fireworks, SB went to bed. Then there was the really bad TV, while waiting for the fireworks. “Pub Trivia” on ABC, and Channel Nine trotted out You Can’t Stop the Music again (where was Richard Wilkins? Budget cuts at Nine too?)

Senorita Margarita, who has spent the past two New Year’s Eves with us, with retro music and movies, was at some kind of folk festival in Queensland called “Woodford”, or as my family members call it, “Woodstock” (Mum), “Waynestock” (me), and “That conference in Queensland” (Dad).

I amused myself with Who magazine’s annual HALF THEIR SIZE! issue with freshly-popped champagne and leftover plum pudding with brandy butter.


The cover line screamed at me excitedly, “Exclusive! Ricki-Lee tells How I lost 30kg (that last bit was in excited yellow ink) with a full length bikini shot of Ricki-Lee looking gorgeous (posing and in makeup as part of Who‘s shoot) and then a smaller paparazzi bikini shot in the corner of the 29-year-old singer looking more well-rounded, particularly around the hips, bottom and thighs. But still gorgeous.


My first thoughts were, how the hell could someone who doesn’t even look overweight in the first place (well-rounded, but not what I would call fat) lose THIRTY kilos and still be able to stand up (ie not collapsed from malnutrition)? Why does anyone, who already looks good in a bikini, need to lose 30 kilos? Maybe the before picture (taken in Bali in 2010) used was not an illustration of Ricki-Lee at 30kg heavier than the cover shot. But weight can be deceiving, and some people carry it better than others. Ricki-Lee is 180cm tall, so any excess weight can be more discreetly carried. On little 163cm me, there’s simply less surface area for the fat to hide.

I suppose I was a little confronted by the realisation that I aspire to look like the before picture. Because right now, I look fatter than Ricki-Lee’s before picture. So it just seemed silly to me that she felt she needed to lose 30kg. Maybe I’m envious. But I’m not going to get all Judgey Mcjudge about Ricki-Lee’s 30kg weight loss. It’s her choice if she just wants to eat fruit for breakfast, snack on nuts and only partake of fatty carbs once a month, in order to look model thin. I thought there was nothing wrong with the before picture though – she’s wearing a bikini (a bandeau top no less), she’s in the surf with wet hair, in Bali, living life. It’s just a different version of beauty.

The main point of the weight-loss, according to the article, is that Ricki-Lee feels so much better now. She told Who, “I completely transformed the way I used to live, and I feel amazing.” When I read the article, I realised that even though I thought she looked fine before, she didn’t feel fine.

“I was onstage performing… I was walking and singing and gasping for air. I was so unfit and so unhealthy, I’d probably just eaten two pizzas before I went on and skolled a bottle of wine. At that moment I felt like fat Elvis. I made the decision I never wanted to feel like that again.”

Ricki-Lee didn’t feel fine, she felt really bad, made the decision to change, and actually did it. And I commend her for that.

I am overweight. I look fatter than Ricki-Lee’s before picture and I don’t feel good about it. I don’t feel as good physically as I know I can, as I have in the past. I find it inspiring that Ricki-Lee made the decision to change, and actually did it. I hope I can carry this inspiration with me throughout the days, weeks and months ahead, and actually do something about my not-so-little problem.

Did you have any New Year’s Realisations?

Ghost of New Years past (or “Go to bed, Mummy!”)

Staying up late is a luxury I can little afford as the mother of a young child. My Spider Boy springs, jumps, leaps out of bed with all eight of his little yet super-fast legs every morning between 6 and 7am. Sundays, public holidays, New Year’s Day – it doesn’t matter – he just wants to get up and you know, jump, swing and shoot webs – live his life. Which is fabulous and how IT SHOULD BE, and I wouldn’t have it any other way… but sometimes, Mummy just wants a sleep in!

But on New Year’s Eve, when it was 1.00am and Prince’s 1999 was on late-night music TV, I thought, “How can I possibly go to bed?” I’d already seen Kool and the Gang, Earth Wind and Fire, ABBA, and now, Prince, followed by a Toto chaser (Hold the Line). Every one a winner!

I know I need to be fresh for the morning, but staying up past 1am to indulge in some retro music seems really mild and, these days, more satisfying compared to various New Years Eves of my 20s where I indulged in such activities as:

*Arriving at a party of a friend of a friend of a friend and swigging from a champagne bottle in the driveway before I went in
* Public pashing
* Going home at 4am, but only because I had to be at my temp job as a talk-radio switch bitch on New Year’s Day.
*Trying to get home from a dance party at 3am by attempting to hitch a ride in an ambulance
*Sitting for 9 hours on damp grass surrounded by discarded barbecued chicken bones and cigarette butts “to get a good spot” to watch fireworks harbour-side
*Walking home from Moore Park to Rose Bay (via Kings Cross for pancakes and orange juice at 5am) with two girlfriends because…sigh…that’s just what you have to do on New Year’s Eve sometimes
*Trying to find a better party than the one I was already at and consequently being in a cab, car, bus or being jostled in the streets at midnight. See below.
*Trying to basically walk, while being pushed and shoved through broken glass, beer, vomit and fried onion rings in any number of dirty Sydney streets.

See why a bit of retro music at home at 1am (with a splash of champagne…oh alright – and a smidge of chocolate mud cake), is all I need for a rollicking good time these days?

Mummy’s tired.


New Year’s Eve – Gangnam Style. Not.


My first post on this blog was all about goals for the coming year. Looking forward. But I now feel compelled to look back to last year already and write briefly about my New Year’s Eve. My New Year’s Eve really had NOTHING to do with 2012. My sister and I had an ’80s and ’90s retro-fest, thanks to ABC 2’s showing of The Videos That Shaped The ’80s, and the uplifting 1998 movie A Night At The Roxbury on Channel 1.

Top ’80s videos of the night:

1. Rio – Duran Duran

2. Rockit – Herbie Hancock

3. I Want To Break Free – Queen

4. Take On Me – AHA

A Night At The Roxbury is based on a series of sketches that originally appeared on Saturday Night Live in the early ’90s. It’s about two brothers, wannabe nightclub barons (Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan) trying to crack LA’s nightclub scene. By day they work in their father’s fake-plant shop. But by night,they strut down LA’s Sunset Strip in shiny suits and struggle to get into the hottest clubs in town. Their dream – to open their own hottest club in town. Richard Grieco plays himself – quite a few years after he starred in 21 Jump Street – just on the cusp of puffy-faced, unfortunately. According to a review on, the real-life Roxbury on the Sunset Strip was converted into a Japanese restaurant by the time this film was released.

A Night At The Roxbury is generously peppered with a string of ’90s dancefloor hits. So instead of dressing up and queing at a club, we were watching other people do it, on the small screen. But we enjoyed reminiscing over the songs we used to dance to in ’90s club land.

Kylie Minogue sang something at Sydney’s New Year’s Eve celebration. It may have been On A Night Like This, conveniently released just before the opening ceremony of the Sydney 2000 Olympics. How retro is that? Even though my sister had flicked it over to Channel Nine, I’m not sure what or how much Kylie sung, because I really wasn’t paying attention. And you know, fireworks – let’s face it, seen them before. I know I sound ungrateful, but I just wanted to flick back to Will Ferrell bopping his head to Haddaway’s 1993 dance hit, What Is Love.